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Just good ol' boys talking cars, sipping beers and helping each other out in plain English.

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A tach for the 67 and 68 Standard Cougars?!?
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* Newest Tech:

Installing a shift kit in an FMX (more)

* Something to think about *
If guns kill people then...
- pencils miss spel words.
- cars make people drive drunk.
- spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat.

* Classic quotes *
"she just looked at me the way a chicken would look at a card trick." - Ritchie

...This monstrosity of a 900 post, 60 page thread is over. is continued on The Curb.

...the derailing of threads, useless one liner nonsense, constant posting of tasteless jokes, abuse of the shoutbox, etc etc.... Is DONE. moved to The Curb!

* Favorite quotes from non-Curbsters:
"The Curbsters are notorious for derailing topics at MC.net"

"WAARNING guys on the curb. Clean up your site or hear from my lawyer"