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Read this first (AKA "The WTF Thread")

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Original Curbster

Joined: 22 Jun 2005
Age: 56
Posts: 8004
Location: TX, USA

1969 Mercury Cougar XR7

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2005 6:28 am    Post subject:  Read this first (AKA "The WTF Thread") Reply with quote

The Curb is a place where guys go to hang out and talk about cars, tell jokes (mostly off-color ones), and just be guys. In a nutshell, we are an online automotive fraternity and The Curb is our Frat House. Curbsters are from all over the world, we have members in North America, Australia, Europe & Africa.
There are currently more than 20 sections to The Curb website. You could see any number of those, depending on how you fit in. As a guest you can see about half of the public sections, but you can only post in the "wtf" section.
You can also go to the public section, view our tech articles, car stories and the Curb FAQs.
Once you register and post a message introducing yourself you will get assigned to a group. Then you will be able to post and will have access to the General Discussion area, referred to as "The Street". This is where The Curbsters get to know you, your sense of humor, how you interact with other people. Being able to spew lines from Monty Python movies is a big help. You may not understand a lot of stuff that goes on without some MP knowledge.
After some posts you may start seeing other places like The News Stand, The Garage and The Swap Shop.
The homepage has the Shoutbox called STREET TALK and it is also available to you. Feel free to jump in and introduce yourself. It is a good idea to use the same name that you register on the forums as in Street Talk so that we know who we're talking to.
If you do not post in any of the threads in the forums, your login may be deleted after 30 days to make room for people that want to participate.
The Dream Cat Garage (DCG) is a level above The Street. Once you post to The Street, say "hello", tell us a little about yourself, show that you are a car nut, you will probably gain access to DCG. Not all registered users do.
In order to become a Curbster you have to be nominated by one of the Original Curbsters. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, or manage to slip past our vigilant gate keepers - The Knights that say "nee" - you will become a full-fledged Curbster and nothing will be the same again.
Actually, nothing really changes but your screen - You will be able to see and enter The Curb (where the real discussions take place :) ), The Cougar Forum, learn the secrets of The Shrubbery, and other miscellaneous crap like that. Most New Curbsters enter with a time trial and are called FNG Curbsters. After a while most become Full Curbsters.
What's a Curbster? Where'd you guys come from?
We're a group of guys that originally met on (MCN) through our common love for Classic Mercury Cougars. Over the months (in some cases years) we got to know each other and found that we had more in common than cars. Twisted senses of humor, sharp witicisms, double entendres became common among the posts.
The infamous "I love you guys" thread in The Den on is where it pretty much all came together. Until this thread we were a loose, unorganized group doing what we loved - talking cars and getting a chuckle or two along the way. There were other threads running at the time (since locked) that were getting way too aggressive and did not fit into the MCN atmosphere. We had been "jacking" them a little to try to tone them down, to no avail. So we all pretty much hung out at the "I love you guys" thread and took it over.
At one point, TallCowboy0614 (aka Tall_Paul on The Curb) makes the comment "Why, if I was moderator of this board, anyone who poked fun or said anything in jest would be out, sitting on the curb...". dark7068, an MCN moderator, responds with "GO TO THE CURB ;) ". Then cougarguy says "hands up! hand over your thread!" and the thread was taken over for 60 pages!
Along the way I changed my sig line to say "Proud member of the MCN Curbsters" ( This is in the SoCal Cougar Club Section, "SoCal and the Pomona dragstrip" thread) and the name stuck.
Unfortunately too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing and our threadjacking was brought to a screeching halt by the forum's admin.
But three good things came from this: The "other threads" were removed, MCN was returned to the friendly atmosphere that makes it so special, and The Curb was born as a place for us Curbsters to hang out and continue our friendships and comraderie.
<b> Note:</b>
<i>It has come to my attention that another site has accused us (Curbsters & anyone registered on The Curb) of plotting to disrupt, discredit & generally destroy all that is holy in Cougardom by infiltrating and hacking another site. We have also been slandered on multiple sites by the site admin and at least 1 of the moderators of a wannabe Classic Cougar help forum as being gay, cross-dressers, bible thumpers, and (gasp) Republicans that will ban you for speaking out against the USA. Fact is, we haven't had to ban anyone yet. Nice thing about a private club is that we don't have to let everyone in. If you're anti-American, full of whacked out conspiracies, a two-faced liar or just plain weird we probably won't let you in.
It has also been said that we were thrown off of This is not true at all. This site was created so that we could have fun without turning into mayhem. We had and still have a very good relationship with the founder & admin of & want to keep it that way. For the record: The only people that have been banned from are the petty paranoids on the wannabe site that spend more time trashing the USA and trying to convert people into their little "9/11 was a hoax" cult than they do contributing to the Classic Cougar community. Heck, their own members (even one of their moderators) come to The Curb and ask for help with their Cougars or go to and ask Curbsters questions because they can't get answers from the 'other' Cougar site!
So, if you're looking for hidden agendas, conspiracies or behind your back politics move on. The Curb ain't for you.
If you haven't read the "I love you guys" thread you should. It's a rather long thread but if you wanna be a Curbster, you should read it all...
So why go to all the trouble of inviting people to join? Why not just let everybody in, then get rid of the ones that don't fit in?
Well, let's just say that The Curb is not necessarily "politically correct". We tell off color jokes, we cuss, spit and all that other disgusting stuff. We do not want to be looking over our shoulders to make sure that we are not offending someone.
We also share a common bond (Classic Cougars) and the Original Curbsters have "known" each other for a while now. We know where the lines are, so to speak.
This is a private club, we don't want a bunch of net surfers coming in and talking trash. The Curb is a very relaxed, fun atmosphere and will remain that way. We learned our lessons from the MCN threads. Also, you have to be at least 18 years old, although most members are pushing double that. This is not a teeny-bopper chat club. It is car nuts talking cars and other stuff that interests us. That's why you have to be invited.
If you have questions, ask 'em (questions like "when do I get to be a Curbster?" will probably do you more harm then good).

  • If you see "Wannabe" with your avatar, that means that you have been nominated and are being voted on.
  • If the word "Wannabe" goes away then we could not reach a decision yet so keep posting and hanging about.
  • If you are voted on to The Curb you will know it when you log in (and the words "FNG Curbster" will appear under your avatar).
  • If we don't want you around we will throw your sorry worthless butt into the sewer and you will never be seen again.
  • There is no waiting line or sign up list. We pick and choose.
Being a Curbster is more than a title.
Remember, you're not a Curbster until you've been in The Hole!
Oh, BTW - The secret phrase is "multiple moosonality disorder", in case anyone asks. (slipping it into a conversation or thread is a good way to prove that you actually read this thing.)
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