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67 Cougar versus 68

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1969 Mercury Cougar XR7

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:16 am    Post subject:  67 Cougar versus 68 Reply with quote

I think it is a near impossible task but let's give it a shot. There are hundreds of differences between a 1967 Cougar and a '68. Here are a few things that were changed in 1968. See how many more you can add!

Radio knobs
Radio face
Headlight knob
Headlamp switch
Ash tray (dash board mounted)
Grilles left and right plus grille structure
Headlamp vacuum tank
Base wheel width went from 5.5" to 6" on all models
Torque box added to passenger floor / frame rail structure

Engine options went from only 289 or 390 to 289, 302, 390, 427, or 428.

Side marker and reflectors added in 68
Front struts(?) went from articulated to 1 piece
There are differences in the turn signal wiring harnesses and relays

What year had the cool chrome strips on the rocker panels? 67? 68? Both?

67's had the Hashmarks, 68 got the full-length moldings.

68 changed to two-spoke steering wheel.

Really? My 68 had the bullet/top hat/cone center. Was it an option or mid year change (or was mine not original)?

Hmmmm, thought it was an "across the board" thing.....but, wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong. I'll have to defer to the "by the numbers" people on that one.

[quote='mo2872' pid='110' dateline='1319664501']
I'll have to defer to the "by the numbers" people on that one.
do we have one of those?

I do believe the 4 XR7 dash switches, and the flasher in the steering were different

VIN tag was moved to passenger side for 68 only, right?

The small block frame brackets and motor mounts are different. The 1967 frame brackets were used for both big blocks and small blocks. In 1968, they changed the small block brackets, but kept the big block ones the same.

The outer bolt hole on the 1967 (Left) frame bracket is slightly higher than the 1968 (Right) version.

All the aftermarket small block motor mounts available today are 1968 style. In order to use them on a 1967, a 1968 frame bracket will need to be installed. Aftermarket stock replacement motor mounts will stretch and bolt up to a 1967 frame bracket, but, because the 1968 small block motor mounts are slightly shorter, you risk ripping the driver's side motor mount in half. Because they are stiffer, you will not be able to bolt up the aftermarket polyurethane motor mounts to 1967 frame brackets.

'67 used too-small hoses or was it just the connectors, in the PS system. At least that's what I gathered from reading the descriptions at WCCC when I was shopping for my new PS hose kit, which arrived today.

Yes indeed, the '67 PS pressure hose is 1/4" diameter while '68 is 5/16" for 25"% more flow.

Ok, here's more.
Door trim panels, 1/4 trim panels, seat upholstery, inside door handles, window cranks, lock knobs.

- VIN tag moved/added to dash on '68
- XR-7 gauge cluster bezel was slightly different
- XR-7 convenience panel had red and blue lights in '67, red lights with white lettering in '68
- steering column changed from Spear-O-Matic to collapsible
- early 67's had unique trunk lid interior compared to late '67 and all 68
- '67 grille did not have reinforced corners that were introduced to prevent cracking on '68 grilles
- '67 had power drum front brakes available, '68 had manual drum or power disc only (I believe)
- 67 XR-7 map pockets had sunburst pattern, '68 had walking cat
- 67 seats had release levers down low, '68 had them up high
- 67 full decor consoles had the sliding garage door, that was gone for '68

[quote='CatVert68' pid='352' dateline='1322698918']
- 67 full decor consoles had the sliding garage door, that was gone for '68

I wasn't aware of this. My 68 Std had a garage door console. Maybe they were different in 67? I liked the one in my 68.

The four piston front disc went away in 68
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